Sweeties tour with a difference

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  • Duration: 9 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Margaret River, WA
  • Product code: PM4NXU

Sweeties Tour with A Difference

Indulge in the Sweeter side of the Margaret River region

This tour is for those who like to indulge in the sweeter side of the Margaret River region, elegance in products prepared by local artisans designed to temper your taste buds filling them with delight and satisfaction.

Tour Highlights

Yahava Koffeeworks:

A stop at Yahava Koffeeworks in Margaret River is the perfect start to the journey, as it’s sure to give you plenty of energy for the exciting day ahead. Yahava is a well-loved, local WA company that sources coffee beans from all around the globe. They offer a range of different coffees for you to try on their tasting benches, and an expert will walk you through the options while explaining how each cup is brewed - you can even watch the beans being freshly roasted right in front of you while you indulge in the sweeter side of coffee.

Fudge Factory:

The Margaret River Fudge Factory is in the same style as fudge factories in the USA and England, where you are able to watch confectionery being made by hand in front of you. In addition to our fudge, we also have a range of traditional chocolate and candy products to suit all tastes.

Bettenay’s Estate:

Nougat is a traditional confectionery dating back to the 1700s. Made with honey, glucose, sucrose, roasted nuts (almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts and more recently macadamia nuts are common), and dried fruits. Our nougat recipe is French inspired with a creaminess and
chewiness unlike any other, hand made in small batches ensuring our nougat is always of the highest standard. Enjoy alongside our liqueurs.


Free Pickup from
Your Accommodation:

To make the early morning start a bit easier for you, we pick you up from your accommodation (if it’s within the Margaret River region).

Yahava Koffeeworks:

Yahava is the first stop on our trip - so that our guests can help themselves to a much-needed morning jolt including the sweeter side of

Fudge Factory:   

Enjoy local artisan’s skills at work, where you are able to watch confectionery being made by hand in front of you while sampling the products produced.

Vasse Virgin:

A trip to Margaret River wouldn’t be complete without checking out the natural olive oil skincare range at Vasse Virgin - you can
also purchase some gourmet olive oil themed foods. (Margaret River store)

Bettenay’s Estate:

To indulge in the sweeter side of wine, liqueurs paired with delicious nougat

Nookery Café:

For lunch, we will be able to enjoy a wine tasting then select a glass of wine sit back and enjoy a 2-course lunch from The
Nookery Café.

Margaret River Chocolate Company:

Indulge in chocolate made from organic, top-quality ingredients handcrafted from Belgian couverture displaying the company’s expansive range of colourfully packaged chocolates.

Colony Concept:

To complete your day Colony Concept is where you discover honey all crafted by local artisans, see bees at work and indulge in a range of mead and honey wine or beer served with crackers and dip.

What’s Included?

Here at Harvest Tours, our aim is to create a full day trip highlighting the sweeter side of Margaret River for travellers seeking something different.

· The two-course lunch and glass of wine at Wood Nook Café 

· All the wine tastings

· Pick up & drop off

· Chocolate tastings

· Sample coffee bag

· Crackers and dip

· A chilled water bottle on request

· Eco-friendly shopping bag

· On-board cooler for you to store any treats

What’s not included?

· Any drinks other than provided tastings will be at guest expense

What are the main things to remember about our tour?

· Free pickup from your accommodation

· First stop at Yahava for coffee tastings

· You will visit four premium locations where artisans display their skills

· Two-course lunch and glass of wine at Woody Nook Café

· Snack stops at the Chocolate Factory

If you can’t wait another moment to book your country escape to indulge in the sweeter side of life, get in touch with our friendly team today.